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Growing your team can be overwhelming…

In a small team, with the founders close-by and involved, hiring the right people and instilling the right behaviour comes natural. Founders personally vet potential hires and ensure the behaviour and culture they want to see in their team.


But as a company grows beyond its original team, a new set of rules starts to apply. Culture, once intuitive and implicit, is under pressure. Storms lie ahead: unclarity, frustration, loss of momentum.


Navigating this phase is natural step for every growing business. It's also one of the trickiest. Hiring the wrong manager may cause an entire team of developers to resign. Lack of process around culture can turn the most promising startup into a struggling, ineffective organisation in no-time.


Most founders and HR Managers know this. But they struggle to see where to start and have a mountain of others things to deal with. That’s where we come in: together with the founders and/ or HR, your Culture Manager takes the whole process off your back and ensures your organisation stays the people-first company it always was..

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