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Tools & Processes

Your Culture Manager implements all the tools you need to put your culture and values at the heart of your business. Zero learning-curve, ready-to-use and built on 10+ years of experience and industry best practices.

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Attract, Assess, Onboard, Involve: four essential steps to grow your team without losing your culture.


Attract the right people by showcasing your unique culture to candidates & applicants. Help candidates understand what it means to work at your company — and what to expect when they become part of your team.


DNA Blueprint

Your DNA Blueprint is the foundation under your company culture. It defines and describes your core values and core identity, and offers a company-wide compass for strategic decision making.

Employer Branding Site

Online page highlighting your company culture: photos, testimonials, your founding story, values of team members and of course your DNA Blueprint. Leverage the best of your culture to attract likeminded top talent.

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Understand how candidates fit your organisation by matching them to your DNA Blueprint. Gain insight into candidates' values, mindset and core strengths and determine Culture Fit right from the start, with your team.

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Culture Fit Assessments

Comprehensive assessment to test whether applicants match your culture and values. Tailor-made to your unique DNA Blueprint to ensure Culture Fit with your organisation.

Culture Fit Test Reports

Receive easy-to-read one-pager reports of each candidate. Understand the values and mindset of candidates and estimate their Culture Fit and core competences at a glance.



Start newcomers off on the right path with a rigorous yet welcoming onboarding experience. Create clear expectations with new hires, foster unity and connection in the team and gather commitments to uphold the values.


Culture Onboarding

Show newcomers how your team works and thinks, what are the do’s and don'ts of your culture and how to make independent decisions in their work. Set expectations early and clearly.

Probation 360° Assessments

Assess newcomers throughout the probation period with specific team-wide 360° surveys. Use our structured team-feedback process to see how your new people are adding (or substracting) to the culture.



Build habits & routines that keep the team working well together: united, aligned and accountable. Track how your culture is doing and have an early-warning-system to show when things are off.

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Quarterly Culture Snapshots

Track progress on your key behaviors and document your culture. Highlight and collect what works well and find out who are the key performers for each of your values.

Annual DNA Blueprint Refinement

Once every year, we re-assess your DNA Blueprint with your entire team, including all newcomers. This renews motivation, buy-in and accountability throughout the team.

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Why build systems yourself, if you can adopt ours?

All the systems you need to grow your team without losing your culture.  

Up-and-running in weeks through your own Culture Manager.  

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