Grow your team without losing your culture.

Become values-first in 4 simple steps 👇

Become values-first in 4 simple steps 👇

Step 1. Book a time slot for your values workshop.

Pick your coach and a time slot to book your values session.

Step 2. Invite your team to rate your team's key qualities.

With each of your team members describing the culture, our app will make a profile of your company culture.

Step 3. Get your core team together for a guided workshop to define your core values.

Create your startup's unique DNA Fingerprint in a fun and efficient 120-minute sprint hosted on Zoom.

Step 4. Use our Culture Management Platform to start working values-based.

Find all the tools you need to build your team and your business based on your values.

Prioritise Your Culture Now

Homeground is the perfect platform for startups wanting to grow by putting values first. Become an early fan and we'll set you up with a free 2-month trial once we launch our platform.

Core Values Discovery

Guided by professional coach

DNA Scan for each employee

120 min Core Identity Workshop

Core Identity & Core Values based on full alignment with your team

30 min follow-up coaching

2 months full access to Homeground platform

Monthly Access to Homeground

Hire the talent that truly fits your values

Onboard newcomers & train the team

Collect feedback on the values

Track & analyse culture metrics

Hold values-centred meetings & retros

Monthly check-in with your coach

Cancel anytime

Homeground Scale Your Business Without Losing Your Culture. © 2022 Homeground BV. All rights reserved.

🙏 Made in Amsterdam

Homeground Scale Your Business Without Losing Your Culture.

🙏 Made in Amsterdam

© 2022 Homeground BV. All rights reserved.