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Features & Benefits

For Scale Up founders that believe in the power of Strong Culture

Your Culture clearly defined

Our tailor-made culture programs will help you define the values that really matter to your company. The process is led by experienced coaches, ensuring that your values are practical and accurately reflect your team and get implemented in the way you attract, hire, onboard and involve your people.

Employer Branding Page

We collect photos, testimonials, and other positive aspects of your team's culture to create your unique Culture Doc. This document showcases your culture to potential candidates, allowing them to get a better understanding of what it's like to work at your company. By highlighting the best aspects of your team's culture, you attract top talent to join the team.

Culture Fit Assessing

Find out which applicants will fit in with your culture. With Homeground’s DNA Scan and Culture Fit Assessments you get all the information you need to avoid culture mishires and keep your growing team aligned to your values.

Culture Onboarding

On Homeground new employees will get onboarded smoothly into your culture. They will learn the stories about your company DNA, get trained to work with your values and are introduced to the team in a fun and meaningful manner. 

Shared ownership with team

On Homeground all employees get involved to keep your culture strong and meaningful. With our quarterly surveys they share input to keep your culture doc up to date and to monitor the state of your culture. 

Always in the know

Our culture reports help you measure & manage your Values & Culture KPI’s. On Homeground you will always be in the know of what is needed now to develop your company culture.

Create your own Homeground

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