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Culture Managers
for the values-driven business generation.

Add a culture expert to your team, instantly. We got the people and tools to make your culture clear and scalable. Together, we'll set you up for your next step in organisational growth.

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With Homeground we got to the core of what Meatable is. The process showed us truths that we knew all along but which are now clearly articulated. This makes it way easier for us to hire and onboard the right people.

Julia Slegers
Head of People and Culture

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Our Winning Formula:

A Dedicated Culture Expert + Tools You'll Actually Use

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A local culture expert that knows your mission and understands your business.

Your dedicated Culture Manager takes you step-by-step through your next growth challenge — from defining your unique company culture to getting your team-values and DNA implemented in all your people processes.

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The tools & processes you need to solidify culture in your expanding team.

Our values-based toolkit gives your organisation all the tools and processes to expand your team without losing your unique culture, align team-behaviour and help everyone understand and execute on your vision.  

Make your team-growth work with a dedicated Culture Manager from Homeground

Define values, set expectations, guide team behaviour.

Establish a solid foundation for your company culture by clearly defining values, setting expectations, and guiding employee behaviour.

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Hire fast, safeguard your company DNA.

Our hiring-for-culture-fit approach helps you preserve your company's DNA and culture, even as you double or triple your team.

Add expertise and execution to your team, instantly.

Integrate a hands-on culture expert into your team, equipped with a plan and backed by 15 years of startup culture experience.

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Implement processes that fit your company’s values.

Adopt processes designed to strengthen and highlight your company culture, laying the groundwork for a strong and unified workplace.

Put your culture at the heart of your employer brand story.

Build your employer brand by placing your unique company culture at its heart, attracting and retaining talent that truly fits your team.

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Let Homeground help you connect your growing team to your company DNA.
With your Homeground Culture Manager, you get all the tools and expertise you need in-house to grow your team with confidence. 

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10+ Years, 100+ Clients:

Trusted culture partner for amazing companies worldwide since 2011.

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Add plug-and-play Culture Expertise to support your fast growing organisation. Quickly and without risk.



​​Your Culture Manager is available during working days by phone and email, addressing roadblocks and offering quick guidance to maintain momentum.


Concrete & Hands-on

We enter your organisation with a concrete, actionable plan that works. Within 4 weeks we set up all the systems you need to strengthen culture and drive team growth.

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Built on industry best practices

​Based on 15 years of startup culture experience, we've brought together best practices in culture building, leadership and change management in one easy system.


Hybrid Friendly

Built with the needs of hybrid teams at heart, our systems and help tools foster connection, accountability and team cohesion within distributed teams.


Complete cost control

After our 3-month initial commitment, your retainer can be paused or cancelled at any time with only a 30- days notice period. No questions asked.

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Made for busy organisations

Our Culture Managers need no hand-holding. Your team focusses on your core business, while your Culture Manager handles all details & execution.

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Homeground helped us to keep speaking in a common language. The team has grown a lot, but our strong culture helps us dancing to the same tune.

Ritske Clewitz
Founder/CEO Inepro


Growing your team can be overwhelming...

In a small team, with the founders close by and involved, hiring the right people and instilling the right behaviour come naturally. Founders personally vet potential hires and ensure the behaviour and culture they want to see in their team.​


But as a company grows beyond its original team, a new set of rules starts to apply. Culture, once intuitive and implicit, is under pressure. Storms lie ahead: unclarity, frustration, loss of momentum.

Navigating this phase is natural step for every growing business. It's also one of the trickiest. Hiring the wrong manager can easily cause an entire team of developers to resign. Lack of process around culture turns the most promising startup into a struggling, ineffective organisation in no-time.

Most founders and HR Managers know this. But they struggle to see where to start. And, they have a mountain of others things to deal with.

That's where we come in. Our Culture Managers take culture off your to-do-list and within weeks you'll have all the people processes you need to stay the people-first company you've been since day one.

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