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Scale fast.
Keep your Culture.

Homeground lets you manage Culture and Culture Fit throughout your fast-growing organisation

Define Core Values of your team

Our DNA scan involves your entire team in finding the values that really matter to your company. A follow-up workshop is led by one of our experienced culture coaches, ensuring that your values are practical and accurately reflect your culture.

Attract, Hire, Onboard & Involve – based on core values

On your Homeground OS all the ins & outs about your culture are in one place. Present your culture to potential talent and clients.. Test candidates for their culture fit. Onboard newcomers into your culture. And monitor your culture wellbeing with quarterly pulses. 

Team up with your Culture Expert

Our dedicated culture experts will help you get the best out of your culture. Analysing your quarterly culture reports and always available for advice when your culture needs extra attention.

Features & Benefits

Full support to manage Culture & Culture fit, at Scale.

You DON’T want to mess up your Culture now

Scaling without a process for culture and culture fit is a recipe for problems. What are you going to do? When you keep adding people to the team and culture is still just in the heads of the ever busy founders? A fading culture can easily cause half of your developers to resign overnight. And a management mis hire can cost 7x their annual pay. If you are planning to grow, you must take care of your culture.

Plans & Pricing

With a Scalable Culture, great things can happen

Homeground is your online partner to manage culture and culture fit at scale. We offer a quick & accurate process to define your team’s unique core values. Our online Culture OS helps you to attract, hire, onboard & collaborate based on your company values. And our dedicated experts will help you develop your culture while scaling up your team.

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Homeground helped us to keep speaking in a common language. The team has expanded a lot. But our strong culture helps us dancing to the same tune.

Ritske Clewits

CEO of Inepro

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With Homeground we got to the core of what Meatable is. It showed us truths that we knew all along but which are now clearly articulated. This makes it way easier for us to hire and onboard the right people.

Julia Slegers

Head of People at Meatable

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With our core values now visible to everyone in the office, it becomes kind of easy to identify the right talent and recruit the right people that fit well into our growing team

Rene Fassbender

CEO of OmegaLambdaTec


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